The Drone Repair EXPO will introduce you to a new generation of technology that is changing our world.  Drone Repair is the perfect ground floor opportunity to future-proof your repair career and grow within the industry of unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligent machines, and robotics.

The drone industry grew so quickly racing to develop and pump out the next level of drone technology they left a huge “open hole” for drone repair in the booming drone industry. Much like the mobile phone industry did for wireless repair. That is why Wireless Dealer Magazine is bringing your business a new expo combining eDrone Repair & Wireless eRepair.

Drone technology is only going to advance as robotics, aviation, and unmanned technology continues to skyrocket. After your initial training much of your education will be learned on the job finding the solutions for your customers and driving the drone industry forward.  This makes drone technicians, drone repair store owners, and investors more in demand with every drone repair and custom solution. 


Luckily, entering the drone repair industry has a very low cost of entry, low monthly overhead expenses, immediate new business, and available training for the drones on the market today. 

Drones fly for hobbyists, commercially, and government agencies, and need be outfitted with additional accessory upgrades to perform specific tasks for niche businesses. For example a drone used on movie set and a drone used for inspecting roofs will require very different custom installations.


Therefore, as much time spent on repairs an equal amount of time will be spent on accessory sales, custom drone accessory installations and custom drone builds such as racing drones, adding robotic arms, or underwater drones. 

Our new Wireless eRepair training has also advanced bringing your repair business solutions for problems your business is facing now in 2017. We will take a dive into repair profit and loss statements, controlling payroll, cost of goods, financing, location, lease signing, hiring, and advertising. 


Drone Repair University 

Houston College (HCC Business Building)

3100 Main Street Suite 2D 

Houston, TX 77002

Onsite Phone: 832-863-8296


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